A future told like that

Móstoles, 20th of March 2025: “Welcome to this little stroll during which troubadour Zhora Burgue will tell us some stories and ideas that remit us to events that have taken place in the city in the past ten years. Little curiosities that could have been found anywhere will become speculative artefacts and will take us to that near future, the non-existence of which baffles us, upsets us, or traps us in the present”.


A future told like that is a 50min. guided tour that took place the 20th March 2015. The performance started on the urban surroundings next to the CA2M-Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo and finished on the museum’s roof terrace. The content of the tour were fictional stories that happened between 2015 and 2025, based in elements from science fiction cinema and personal speculations about what the future could bring us: world wars, climate change effects, riots, technology advancement, etc. These stories claimed a possible change in the world, by using an ironic perspective, apocalyptic tinges and political humour.



Activity curated by Pista 34. With the collaboration of Isabel Burguete (performing Zhora Burgue)


* With the kind support of Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid


** Photos by Deseo Márquez