Ancho de Pasillo

Ancho de pasillo (Corridor’s width) is an experimental exercise of translation carried out in collaboration with scenic artists Catalina Lescano and Mario Barceló.

The particular architecture of the access corridors in PH housing buildings in Buenos Aires; historical and political research on this housing typology; questions about community in the big city and speculative conversations about collective spaces developed into a text. Lescano and Barceló gave body and voice to this text, translating it to the tall walls, pavement, plants, doors and small details of the corridor of a PH complex in Fitz Roy Street, Buenos Aires. This action was documented with audio recording, and the material was translated into a speechless performance in the exhibition space.

Fragment here

Full video documentation and text upon request




Special thanks to Daniela Arango and Rafael Barksy


* With the kind support of La Ira de Dios and AECID