Castles in Spain

The curious old English expression Castles in Spain is synonymous to Castles in the air: dreamy plans that will improbable come to shape, ambitious desires that look difficult to achieve. 7 citizens shared their wishes, aspirations and “castles in Spain” when answering a simple question: “Where would you like to live in 10 years?”. They are expats based in London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Rotterdam; they are young and they could be a selection of extraterritorial citizens, those who live in European borderless cities, where geopolitical conditions are not determining social relationships anymore, or just some expats who found jobs in the mentioned cities.


Castles in Spain is a reflexion on Lefevbre’s concept of Social Space in times of spatial crisis, when the space is fragile and shapeless. The 7 collaborators not only shared thoughts and feelings about their future, they hosted me in their current houses for the days I visited them and they lent a personal object to me under the promise that it will be given back in 10 years. This symbolic gesture keeps the project alive: in 10 years I will travel again and visit my 7 friends in order to give their objects back and talk again about the future… or maybe about the present.



Fragment here

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With the kind support of VEGAP Foundation and Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (Circuitos de Artes plásticas 2014)








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