Castles in Spain

The curious old English expression "castles in Spain" is synonymous to "castles in the air": dreamy plans that will improbable come to shape, ambitious desires that look difficult to achieve. 7 citizens shared their wishes, aspirations and “castles in Spain” when answering a simple question: “Where would you like to live in 10 years?”. The 7 collaborators are friends of mine that have migrated to London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

They shared thoughts and feelings about their future; they hosted me in their current houses and they lent a personal object to me under the promise that it will be given back in 10 years. This symbolic gesture keeps the project alive: in 10 years I will travel again and visit my 7 friends in order to give their objects back.

Fragment here

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* With the kind support of VEGAP Foundation and Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (Circuitos de Artes plásticas 2014)