Drawing maps of one hour

“The wanderings that give way to Drawing maps of one hour take place in seven different cities, where seven of their inhabitants were invited to undergo a random search for residues on their everyday routes. The artist uses the objects collected by these urban harvesters as fuel for a fiction that, far from alienating us from everyday reality, re-connects us with its most insignificant and valuable nuances. Spoken maps that, in collaboration with the improvisation group El Hijo Tonto, move to the exhibition space blurring geopolitical boundaries and introducing new narratives through a subtle breach in the use of its streets. Wanderings of wanderings that allow us to see everyday journeys and elements usually lost in the great city’s vortex in a different light.”

BEATRIZ ALONSO, curator of the exhibition To do in the Everyday, for which Drawing maps of one hour was specifically produced and presented.


In the context of the exhibition, we also presented Lo Cotidiano, a performance where El Hijo Tonto transformed images of objects I found on the route from my house in Rotterdam to the exhibition space in Madrid into improvised imaginative situations.

Fragment here

Full video upon request




With the collaboration of El Hijo Tonto Theatre Group (Performing anonymous walkers)


* With the kind support of Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid


** Photos by Iván García Fdez