Es así como de color turquesa

In 2014, I contacted the mothers of four expats by phone. During the conversation I asked them to describe the house of their sons/daughters, even though they had never been there. These oral portraits of those spaces, based only on few photos, their childrens’ occasional comment and Skype backgrounds lacked precise spatial references and were full of emotional load.

Es así como de color turquesa (It’s like turquoise colour) presents an architectural representation based on fragmented descriptions, inconsistent memories, imaginative desires and strong projections, that invites the reader to explore an affective dimension of space.


This work was presented in the context of the exhibition Mudanza, curated by Indisciplinadas Collective and Beatriz Alonso, and transformed in 2016 into a book, published by Calipso Press, Cali.



Language: Spanish. Edition of 200 copies


Find it at: Calipso Press, Motto Distribution or contacting me by email


** Photos by Iván García Fdez & Niels Bekkema