Extension project of a house belonging to a Chinese couple in Utrecht

In a conversation with a Chinese couple that just bought a house in Utrecht, they explained, without having a clear idea of the real possibilities of the structure they possess, the changes and extensions they want to make. I brought together this conversation with my interest in paper as a construction material and built a model of the non-existing space. Two paper prisms represented the volumes of the extension project in scale 1 to 3.45. This scale was determined by resistance of the material (Academia Paper 200gr); it was built as big as possible, trying to reach the moment just before collapsing, having the paper under continuous tensions that generated movements and deformations. The model was installed in my working space at Nave 16 Matadero Madrid for two months, thus becoming an “extension of my studio”, a scenography where I met friends, studio mates and different agents to chat and reflect about how extremely unstable the concept of space actually is.



With the kind support of El Ranchito, Matadero Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid


Photos by Paco Gómez / Matadero Madrid






isabel marcos