Horizon and skirting board

Nomad, from the series Seashells that look like petrified ears (2015), is a short story written by Dutch artist Niels Bekkema about Hendrik, a man who desires to be a nomad. He works hard to do so but paradoxically, his dream is thwarted when he is fired from his job at a bank. The only solution he finds is to shut himself in his house and add castors to his furniture, expecting with this gesture to achieve the state of flux that nomadism provides.


In Horizon and skirting board, indoor quotidian space is transformed into a landscape where artistic research develops by adding wheels to all the items in my house, thereby inhabiting the contradictory situation of being a “static nomad” during 3 months.

During this time, the two inhabitants (Natalia and I) as well as friends, neighbours, lovers and family who visited in the house, identified new significances for quotidian movements. We experienced an interfered relation between body and objects; we reflected on the relation between literature and visual arts; and we discussed about dysfunctionality as a means to produce knowledge.

Fragment here

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Special thanks to Natalia Sorzano and Niels Bekkema


* With the kind support of INJUVE