Porque ocupan poco suelo

Porque ocupan poco suelo (Because they stand on little ground) is a publication that presents an overlapping of voices that reflect on the existence of not-in-use chimneys.


On Saturday 2nd October 2015 guests staying at Hostel Ganbara were invited to borrow a copy of Porque ocupan poco suelo and carry it with them for a day. They were free to read it, write it, break it or just hold it, but with the compromise of giving it back when getting back to the hostel.


The untrusted post-industriality of Bilbao, encounters with tall elements in the city of Rotterdam and a never answered question: why does the presence of so-called historical monuments please us?, form the core of this fictional text that accompanied hostel guests as they walked on the streets of Bilbao.



Design: Niels Bekkema and Isabel Marcos. Language: Spanish. Edition of 12 copies


Comissioned by ANT Colectivo, in the context of IturFest, Bilbao


Photos by Niels Bekkema








isabel marcos