Script for the apartment in Rosales

Script for the apartment in Rosales comprises eight short conversations written for a small apartment that has been for 16 months in an uncertain situation, in a blocked transition from inhabit to vacate. This uncertainty involves economic, legal, emotional and affective parameters and provoke what I call “intensity peaks”. My interest in these intensities lead me to a secondary reading of the domestic space and a search for vocabulary and imaginary that articulate how concepts like resistance, pause, revolution and postponement relate to architecture.


The text was performed by three women, who read out loud the script and used it as the starting point for improvised conversations. Those improvisations emphasised on body and time as construction materials. The performance was registered with the camera and translated into a video piece.

Fragment here

Full video upon request




Conversation: Patricia Raijenstein ,Aurora Mediavilla and Isabel Marcos Photography directing: Sofia Ocaña Urwitz

Publication printed by Sandwich Mixto. Language: Spanish/English. Edition of 50 copies, find it by contacting me by email


* With the kind support of El Ranchito, Matadero Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid


** Photos by Paco Gómez / Matadero Madrid