Soft Rooms

Softness implies deficiency in hardness, or smoothness to the touch. But softness is also an allegorical space for resistance that feminist spatial practices have traditionally inhabited. Soft Rooms is a site-specific installation in the former operation room of an abandoned hospital in Wroclaw. Contrasting the hermetic, functional character of the space, Soft Rooms brings images, words, materials and shapes that are malleable and liquid. Water acts as the ‘agent’ that softens the architecture. Even if instability and softness are traditionally "enemies" of architecture, I also see them as potential spaces for critical thinking and redefining our relation to space.

Soft Rooms was commissioned for Concealed, the XVII Edition of Survival Art Review in Wroclaw, organized by Art Transparent and with the curatorial support of Arda van Tiggelen.

Video here




Voice over: Eden Mitsenmacher
Citations from “Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture” by Lisa Robertson


* With the kind support of VHDG, Art Transparent, Mondriaan Fonds and CBK Rotterdam


** Photos by Heleen Haijtema