The Fantasy

The Fantasy is the culmination of a research into the Dutch city of Almere exploring the tensions within a dilapidated city that failed to realize an architectural plan to become a utopian haven. Almere, the youngest city of the country, was designed and constructed from scratch in the 70’s.


The book takes the form of a travelogue where three characters share with the reader three possible stories of the same route. The characters’ identities are established on actual encounters with residents of the city, urban planners and stakeholders.

The Fantasy is a fictional story where social, political and urban investigation is combined with street observation; two different approaches that by merging together emphasize how daily urban situations and invisible street practitioners define the geopolitical conditions of a territory. This book belongs to the Publishing Class Collection How to Live Together Series published by CasCo Art Institute, Utrecht. Inspired by Roland Barthes’ How to Live Together, this collection of 9 publications focus on writing as a tool for critical publishing and as a conduit of community.

While working in the book, I met the people living in an extraordinary green house with a nostalgic modernist look and I offered myself to stay there and take care of their cat when they’ll be off on holidays. During those days of intrusion, I fed the cat, explored the neighbourhood and killed time building a model of the house.



Design: Lotte Schröder

Language: English. Edition of 200 copies


Find it at: Casco Art Institute Utrecht, Good Press Gallery Glasgow, DAI Arnhem or contacting me by email


** Photos by Niels Bekkema & Rei Kakiuchi