This stone contains a trip

A stone with a brief message on it was left on the street’s pavement in Madrid, waiting to be found by any walker.

Sara took the stone in Madrid in June 2014 and in August she went with her husband on a trip for free to Lekeitio, a small town on the Coast of Bizkaia (ES). During their stay in the Basque Country, they visited the facilities of Maderas de Lekeitio S.A., a lumber mill that stopped their production and closed their doors at the end of 2011 due to the national economical crisis that badly affected construction sector. The tour was guided by Jesús Mari, who worked in this factory for 40 years.


The factory is inactive, but not abandoned. It is daily visited by local citizens, who instinctively transform the lumber mill into a walking and chilling area.

This stone contains a trip is a video that presents a scene composed by Sara and her husband, Jesus Mari, and anonymous citizens that walked as they pleased around this private land.

Fragment here

Full video upon request




* With the kind support of Bilbao Arte Fundazioa and BBK Foundation