Tools to keep your house unfinished

Tools to keep your house unfinished is a site-specific intervention for the exhibition space of Upominki. Upominki is a space in transition, with upcoming walls and unexisting dropped ceilings. Its renovation is a collective process, where friends, neighbours, colleagues and family try to rethink its identity, values, means and future.

While challenging the quotidian interactions between bodies and architecture, Tools to keep your house unfinished introduces plasticity and elasticity to both: the hard and rough surfaces, as well as, the tools being used in the renovation process. In order to invite the involved people to consider dysfunctionality as an ambiguous productivity, through these gestures – both physically and metaphorically – I try to obstruct the renovation of Upominki as such.



* With the Kind Support of Mondriaan Fonds.


** Photos by Niels Bekkema