Transit, transition, transaction

For 3 months, I collected objects and stories from houses for sale in the city of Rotterdam. I was interested in exploring spaces and objects that are not in use, because I believe that dwellings in transition contain information on geopolitical relationships between citizens and the spatial production of urban realities.


This work explores the relation between the notions transit (movement) and transition (change), and how to inhabit spaces that only exist in the so-called future or past can be a means to approach current times.


I organised a series of conversation-performances where negotiations between collaborators took place regarding the construction of a “model” of a space in transition. I directed these negotiations by providing collections of objects and an audio recording. In these sessions, discussions about representation, speculation and citizenship hierarchies arose while exploring scale, materiality and form.



With the collaboration of Natalia Sorzano, Madison Bycroft, Eva Noguera, Lucía Moreno, Ilka Démeny and Robert Vamos


Produced at Stichting Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam NL, with the kind support of Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid






isabel marcos